Saturday, October 31, 2009

wut's up with d leg?

in d recent game, i got my feet stuck between legs n resulted in a twisted ankle :)
well, it might hurt but in a way i can still play
dat's cool enuff..haha

recently we are supposed to have a basketball tournament,
again the admin oppose it with stupid reason
wut do u aspect from adults :)
so i turned to a new thought, just b epi with wut u can
n nvr hope anything from the adults...

play basketball in the evening had caused one of the ring to be broken
cool ayte :P

just now with dis injured leg
i got my chance to defeat hakim
he's really gud in basket
but i won
well, i think he sort of gave me the chance to do so
but then again, we will rematch
as long as i can meet plyrs like him
my journey in basket is nvr ending :D