Sunday, September 27, 2009

yeah!!! i'm back n living!!!

to all ppl out there just found a site good enough for entertainment. it's all about shootin basketball from distance n weirdly. tho i doubt it's originality but they did n recorded it. so like what ripley always say

"u gotta see it to believe it"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All in one night~

jus under one night, i lost 3 reasons to play basketball
n found one reason to stop playing
is this a sign?

as long as the strong one reason is there
i will continue fighting
my heart is racing with anxiety
n i shall nvr retreat
for now that is~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just As I Guessed

Today i received a big NO!!!NO!!!
my respond...
"okay, thanx for considering"

well, really wanted to join the tournament but unfortunately the clash with kasukma is something unavoidable and must b understood that they are the higher ups. The only thing i can hope for is KMS can get pass their teacher and by that i can start 'frying' my teachers again

to basketballerz, feel no worries cz,if it is a yes, then for me, my journey has ended. but if it's a no, then i will take my revenge anytime soon. JUST you wait MR.FIZI n SIR DIRECTOR :D

Tomorrow will tell it all

tomorrow i will go to the basketball court early in the morning just to shake the rust off...
tomorrow i will msg ckg fizi to convince him that we will join the basketball tournament in KYEUM
tomorrow i will confirm my transport to KYUEM for the tournament
tomorrow i will get ready to get back to kg, Kedah dis time
tomorrow sure will be a happening day
a great day for Basketball

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Shot Up The HooK

chill out, cz it's my first post ere
my other blog is where my hearts pur out its feeling...Yucks!!!
well this one is for my heart too
but its more enjoyable, feeling of excitement
its all about my happiness
n that's y its basketball
it once gave the a chance in life
and i shall appreciate it forever
C u Guys SOoN